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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about editing a parking pass, changing account details and how to confirm that your car is covered?
Our top 3 most- asked questions are answered below, be sure to check if these apply to you!
How can I change My account details?
–          Log into to your account  online or through the app.
–          Select the ‘my account’ tab
–          Car registrations, email addresses, phone numbers and top up settings can all be changed here.
–          Once you have finished with your changes, select the ‘save account settings’ button.
–          Your changes are now saved.
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(Download the parkbytext App for fast, easy and convenient parking payments!)
How do I confirm that my car is covered?
–          If you paid via the app, a pop up confirmation screen will confirm that your transaction has been processed.
–          If you paid online via the pre-pay parking page, your parking session will appear with your stating location, time details, the cost, and your registration.
–          If you paid via phone you will receive confirmation from the operator
–          If you paid via SMS, you will receive an SMS confirmation stating your vehicle-registration number and duration of your parking pass. If you have signed up for text reminders, you will also be sent an SMS to let you know that your parking session has nearly expired, and you can extend your parking by SMS too – and again we will confirm it has gone through.
How do I edit a parking pass?
–          Log into to your account  online.
–          Select the ‘pre- pay parking’ tab.
–          Select the parking pass you wish to edit
–          Also, eee how to SWAP a parking pass.



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