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Have You Heard? The New Parkbytext App is Out!

(And it’s free!)


Hi everyone! It has been a busy period for us here at Parkbytext.

While things may have looked calm on the surface, the start of the year saw us working hard on improving the functionality of our app – fixing bugs and reworking features. Eventually though, we realized patching can only get us so far.

If we really wanted to improve, we had to build it all up again from scratch. And we did!

With this newly released version, we have introduced several very useful improvements:

First, we have finally combined the Irish and UK branches into the same package. This now allows our users to conveniently select the relevant country, rather than having to download a separate build like they had to do before.

The second major improvement was switching from the old circular selection slider to a much more streamlined linear one. Picking up the desired parking duration is now so much more simple!

The next big change was mostly aimed at providing better functionality for our Android users – who now can easily book multiple vehicles at the same place, without having to wait for the previous pass to expire.

That is not all, of course. The new version comes with a full suite of bug fixes (no more “no connection”!) and whole assortment of additional tweaks and adjustments.

Why don’t you see for yourself – it’s free! Android users can download it from here, and Apple users can do so here.

As it is a new app altogether, make sure to delete any old versions you may have on your phone, before installing this one.

And make sure to let us know what you think at customercareuk@parkbytext.com!



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