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No. Your parking transaction created through our system is your parking ticket. 

The car park management company checking compliance will have access to our system to see what vehicles are covered to park. The system updates in real-time so they will have instant visibility of parking transactions.

No, you don’t need to be an account holder to use parkbytext. See our how it works page for instructions. 

You can use parkbytext nationwide. See our locations page for your nearest PBT location.

See our how it works page for instructions on how to create a parking transaction. 

No, a parkbytext transaction does not guarantee you a parking space.

In rare cases the car park may be full. If that does happen please contact our customer care team to arrange cover in an alternative parkbytext location, or for an account credit / refund. 

Each location has a 4-digit code assigned to it and this is how we know which location you are in.
If you’re using the app, geo-targeting will show you were you are on the map. 

We accept all Visa and Mastercards, both debit and credit.

Your payment card details are encrypted and stored in a secure manner with our payment provider in full compliance with international PCI standards.

Yes absolutely. All customer data is stored in a secure environment. Payment card details are encrypted and securely stored with our payment provider.

Click for our Data Protection Policy.

Yes, if the date of the refund is not after the end date of the parking transaction.

You will first be offered an alternative date, or account credit, or a refund to your card. An administration fee of £1 will be applied to refunds to your card. See point 5 Refunds, in our terms and conditions.

  • SMS reminders or opted-in confirmation SMS are charged at 20p. Your mobile operator will also charge you for a SMS (prices vary as per your contract with the operator).
  • Calls to our customer care team are charged at the national rate. Your mobile operator may include a charge for the call (prices vary as per your contract with the operator).
  • Monthly account service fees are charged at 50p ex vat per vehicle per month.
  • A refund to your card is charged at £1.
  • A termination fee of £5 ex vat is charged to close your account.
  • See service terms and conditions for further details. 

parkbytext provides a mobile parking payments (MPP) platform to car park operators/management companies such as PEA and LPS.

When a parking compliance officer is ensuring compliance at a car park where parkbytext is a payment option, they will view all successful and current parking transactions created through the parkbytext system, in real-time, on their handheld device.  Any vehicles found not to be complaint with the car park rules will face enforcement action.