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You can do this, though, it’s only available for locations from the same client (e.g. Premier Inn) when the tariff is the same price. To do this please contact our Customer Care team (0844 4488 777). 

To edit/change your vehicle registration by text you can text SWAP + new vehicle reg to 84555.

Click here for our blog post on how to do this.

Yes, you can extend your parking by creating a new parking transaction or texting Extend to 84555. This will automatically extend your parking by the amount of time that you originally created the parking transaction for. 

You will know that your parking transaction has been successful once you receive confirmation. Depending on the payment channel you are using, you will receive your confirmation through that channel.

For example, if you are using text your confirmation will be sent to you in a text message. App users will view a confirmation screen, online users will see a payment processed screen, and those calling customer care will be advised once their transaction is successfully processed. 

Check to see and ensure that you sent the correct format. If you have, there may be a delay with receiving a text. In this instance, call our customer care team on 0844 4488 777 to ensure the transaction has been made.

Perhaps the wrong details were entered in the transaction or by the car park operators. In this instance contact our customer care team (0844 4488 777) who will be able to assist you and determine what may have caused this. You will need to appeal the decision with the car park operators, as per the enforcement instructions.