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How-to Series no.3

How to confirm your car is covered and edit a parking pass
Confirming your car is covered:
Text: If you reserved your parking via text then you will receive a confirmation text with all details on it.
Phone: If you reserved your parking via phone call then you will receive confirmation over the phone from your customer care agent.


Online: You can go to www.parkbtext.ie and visit the “Pre-Pay Parking” page. If successful your parking session will appear here, detailing the starting location, duration of pass, cost and your account ID
If your parking history does not show this, then your parking transaction has not been processed.
Editing a parking pass:
For Non-Account and Account Holders: You can swap cars for a parking pass by texting “swap” to 84555. There is a how to series on this for more information click here

For Account Holders: To edit a parking transaction, follow these steps:


1. Log-in to your account via www.parkbytext.com
2. Click on the pre-pay tab in your account
3. Click Edit on a live parking transaction


*You can only swap between locations with the same parking fee online. To swap between locations with different parking fees you can contact us here or over the phone on 0844 4488 777.



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