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How-to Series 1


Changing the car registration on your account and printing a receipt.
How to change the car registration on your account

Changing the car registration(s) linked to your parkbytext account is easy:
  • Once logged into your account click on the 'My account' tab.
  • Under ‘Account settings’ you will see boxes for car registration 1 and car registration 2. You are able to edit, delete or change these car registrations. Once you are finished and happy with the changes, click ‘Save Account settings’.
  • Car registration 1 is is now the default registration which all parking transactions will be connected to unless indicated otherwise.
How to print a receipt

To print off parking receipts:
  • Login to your parkbytext account and click the ‘Account Statement’ tab. In this tab you will see a history of your parking transactions. 
  • Click ‘download’, then choose the dates you wish to export, and then click export. 
  • Your download should start at the bottom of your screen. Once it is complete, click to open and print your statement.


Swapping a Car Registration

How-to series
How to swap a car registration on a live transaction.

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