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7 Steps to Avoid Morning Stress

Not everything in life is as quick, easy and convenient as parkbytext. Here are some tips on how best to avoid morning that morning stress and hassle. 

 1.       The steps to de-stress your morning start the night before. The biggest factor that slows us down in the morning and makes us late is lack of organisation. A little bit of effort tonight will save you a lot of stress tomorrow.  Make sure everything you, your spouse, or your children might need for the next day is organised, packed and ready at the front door or in the hall for the next morning.
2.       Once this is taken care of it’s time to focus on yourself and preparing your own body for a night’s sleep to set you up for the next day. Experts recommend that you steer clear of any laptops or mobile devices for an hour before bedtime, as they over stimulate your brain at a time when it needs to be winding down. Drink a cup of herbal tea or warm milk while you are preparing for bed, avoid any wines, cheeses or coffee!
3.       Get to bed at a reasonable time and set an extra alarm for 15 minutes before the time you usually set one for. This is to ease you into the waking process, it gives an illusion of a little lie-in in the morning.

4.       Make sure that you eat breakfast. As tempting as it is to skip it, it sets you up for the day and gets you through any possible mid-morning slumps. Your productivity in the morning is directly affected by the food you have (or have not) taken in. If your body is running on empty, it cannot function. Slow burning foods such as (low-sugar) cereals and grains are ideal, as they release energy gradually during the day.
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5.       Make sure you organise your time and hit the road in enough time so that you arrive at the carpark early. This gives you time to find a space as well as giving yourself some breathing space!
6.       Pay for your parking on your parkbytext app while still in the comfort of your car. It’s quick, easy and convenient or pre-book your parking above!
7.       Don’t worry if your day throws you a curveball either, you can extend your parking from anywhere via parkbytext!


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parkbytext™, Ireland’s leading mobile parking operator, is proud runner up, within the Services category, at the inaugural eir Elevation Fast Company Awards in Dublin, Ireland. Over 300 companies competed for the 30 shortlist places.

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