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No. You will need to update the car reg on the live parking tranaction.

You can do this once logged into your account via the Pre-Paying page. Here, click on the 'Edit' button and you will be able to edit the car reg on the live parking transaction. 

You can also text SWAP + car reg to 84555. For example, text: SWAP YH13WYS to 84555.
  • No. You cannot edit your current parking transaction to another location.

You can now "swap" your parking session onto another vehicle through text.


To transfer your parking onto the second registered vehicle on your account simply text "Swap" to 84555. Alternatively to transfer your parking onto a vehicle that is not registered on your account – simply text "swap *car reg" to 84555 i.e. "Swap YH13WYS".


You will receive a confirmation text stating that the new vehicle is now covered for the remainder of your parking transaction. Just remember to "swap" back if you are reverting to car reg 1 throughout the remainder of your transaction. Please note there is no additional charge for this service except your regular network charge for sending a text.

  • No. You can edit you car reg through our "SWAP" feature or once logged in to your account, through the Pre-Paying page. 

You can also EXTEND your parking session through text. Simply text “EXTEND (Parking Ref)”  to 84555 and the parking pass will be extended by the same amount of time as originally stated. The confirmation text you received for your active parking pass will contain the pass reference.  

E.g. to extend a week’s parking pass that ends on the 1st  of July Parking Ref 123, text “Extend 123” to 84555. You parking pass will now be extended by 1 week.

You can also go online to www.parkbytext.co.uk and visit the “Pre-Pay Parking” page. If successful your parking session will appear there stating location, from and to time details, the cost and your account id.

If your parking history does not show this, then your parking transaction has not been processed. Please use the contact form if you are unsure.

You do not strictly "pay" using SMS - you can start your parking session using SMS i.e. Text PARK [location-code] [duration] to 51155 - however payment will come off your parkbytext Account Balance.
Parking payments are debited from your parkbytext™ account (for account holders) or from your debit / credit card (for non-account holders). parkbytext™ have now introduced a new service called 2Bill which allows customers to charge their parking payment to their mobile phone credit or mobile phone bill. See the next FAQ for more information.
If you do not get an SMS receipt after you park, it may be because there is a problem with SMS, and your vehicle may still be covered to park. However, you can check that your car is paid to parked by going online and checking the “Pre-pay Parking” or "Account Statement" pages.
Each parking facility has signage displayed with the relevant Location Number. This 4 digit location number is required to use the parkbytext service and it is assigned and unique to that individual location.
A few different things may have happened here, the most likely being that your internet went down or there was bad coverage in your area, meaning that your payment did not process. Your car registration may also have inadvertently been entered wrong. Parking enforcers scan each car registration in the car park, so if yours has been entered wrong, you will not show up as covered on the system.  Alternatively, you may have parked one car while having active cover on another car and forgotten to switch over. To do this simply text  "swap *car reg" to 51155 i.e. "Swap 09D1234".
No you do not, however, it is an option which we strongly suggest as it will remind you 10 mins before your parking is up.
Depending on location you can select a parking pass for any time between an hour and a month. Most locations charge by hour/day/ week/ 2 weeks/ 3 weeks / month.