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No. You will need to create a seperate transaction for each vehicle you want covered. 

Please note that car reg 1 is the default car reg! 
When you log-in to your parkbytext account you will be asked to Activate your mobile phone. This is done by entering the random code that we sent to you by SMS. When you enter that number you can click the button just to the right of where you entered your number and it’s done!
You can easily become a parkbytext account holder by:

• OnlineGoing to the website - www.parkbytext.co.uk and clicking on the link to Sign-UpSave

It's fine – you can change your car registration online.


Online: Just log-in to www.parkbytext.co.uk and enter your new vehicle number in the ‘Home’ tab and click the Save Account Settings button on the page.


Please note, if you have a live transaction during which you change your vehicle, you will also need to swap your transaction onto the new car reg.

That's fine too – you can change your mobile phone online. log-in to www.parkbytext.co.uk and enter your new mobile phone number in the “Home” tab. You will then be sent a new activation code which you will have to enter online. Finally click the button just to the right of where you entered your new mobile phone and it's done!
Two ways! - 

1: You can look at your Account Statement online or 
2: We will send you a text message once it goes below the minimum balance level. For account holders that have selected the Auto-Topup option, they don't have to worry about this, as once the balance reaches the minimum balance level, their account will automatically be topped up.
parkbytext account holders using the parkbytext service must have Caller Id enabled on the mobile phone they registered with parkbytext in order to be identified by the system.

If you do not have Caller Id switched on then the parkbytext phone system will state this and terminate the call. Please contact your mobile operator for more details on how to enable caller ID on your mobile phone.
Yes - you can change your Auto Top-up Threshold Level - this is the low balance threshold value. Login to www.parkbytext.co.uk and go to the home page, in Account Settings you can set this value. You can also change your Auto Top-up Amount.
You can now close your account in the My Account page/tab once you are logged into your account. Simply click the 'close account' button at the bottom right of the page. A termination fee may be applicable, see terms and conditions. Any outstanding balance will then be refunded in due course to the card assocaited with your account. Please check your bank statement for the refund amount.
Yes - all your account information is secure and we will not share with anyone - please see the T&Cs in this regard. Your payment card details are secure and are stored in compliance with current PCI (payment card industry) standards.
Once logged in to your account on parkbytext, select the ‘Top- up’ tab. Once you have done this, you can select the top up amount you require, enter your card details, then hit ‘process Top Up’ and you’re all done!
1. It’s quick easy + convenient
2. Auto- top up option available
3. Extend your stay from anywhere.
4.Text reminder option available
5. Print parking transaction receipts
6. Swap cover between cars
7. Parking discounts in many of our 300 locations nationwide.